Seeing people, understanding people. This is the currency of the 21st century.

In 2000 I started my professional career at a small software company. For 16 years, I worked in sales for international IT companies. Within a very short time, I took on my first management responsibilities – all the way to managing a business unit. People have always been in the foreground for me. Responding to people individually and really understanding them has always been very important to me. For this reason, I started profiling training in 2012. This is how my path led me to PricewaterhouseCoopers where I was allowed to coach the partners as a senior sales coach. This then led to my absolute passion. “Understanding people” and I founded my own company.


My interest in personality development also accompanied my education and training. This includes a Ph.D. in Coaching Psychology, Certified Expert in applied Neuroscience, teaching trainer of the coaching methods emTrace, Mesource, Mimic Resonance and Mind Codex.


I use this knowledge to help my clients through emotional blocks, burnout and other difficult issues. Many clients want to work but have a blocking experience or element that prevents them from going “full throttle”.

Mike Werder

Coach / Consultant

+41 76 432 45 86

Industry expertise

IT / Consulting / Schools / Universities / Social institutions

Consulting expertise

Emotion Coaching
Personality development
Executive coaching
Stakeholder Centered Coaching (Marshall Goldsmith)
Body language and emotions
Facial expression resonance