HR development

HR development

Develop and retain your top talents of tomorrow

Do you want to make optimum use of your employees’ potential and offer your high potentials excellent development opportunities? You want to avoid that important know-how leaves the company and that your employees are bound to your company? Your company should also remain successful in the long term, so you are dealing with the question of succession?


We not only support you in the development of individual employees, but you can also call on our experts for your team development. We are happy to work closely with your HR department and provide you with our customary modular and goal-oriented support. Top performance by individuals and teams is no coincidence, but the result of systematic and professional development programmes.

What do you do with the potential of your employees?

As individual as each one of us is, as individual is your company and the demands you place on your personnel development. We have made it our business to always do justice to this individuality and offer you professional solutions for your HR development, which you can access modularly and according to your needs.

Talent management

Is your fluctuation rate too high and are you unable to keep especially top talents in the company?

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Talent management
Recognising potential, promoting and retaining talent

We offer support to help you make the most of your employees' potential. On the one hand, this can increase performance and, on the other, prevent important know-how from leaving the company. In order to implement the optimal development measures, we determine the relevant information together with you and your HR department in advance.
To clearly describe the requirements of your company, we develop, among other things, example organisational plans, requirement profiles and competency models. Our consultants establish criteria for talent selection and talent development reviews. With the help of various tried and tested methods, such as assessments, we identify the development potential of your employees and create an objective evaluation of their suitability.
Sensible and appropriate development measures are implemented for the talents identified. Our consultants, trainers and coaches make use of a wide variety of instruments:

- Promotional meeting
- Career and succession planning
- Job rotation/job enrichment/job enlargement
- Coaching
- Mentoring
- Assignments abroad

Your benefits

+ Exploiting the full potential of your employees
+ Performance optimisation
+ The know-how remains in the company
+ High satisfaction among your employees
+ Proactive succession planning

Employee and management coaching

Would you like to actively support new employees and managers in the onboarding process?

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Employee and management coaching
Individual support for managers and employees

To enable you and your employees to set the course for the future, external support in the form of coaching is often a sensible measure. Together with the coach, managers or employees gain clarity and develop a meaningful way to reach their goals.
Even in difficult professional and private situations, our well-trained coaches with their many years of experience as business managers offer support by analysing the situation holistically and developing sustainable solution strategies together with your employees. It is important to us that not only symptoms can be combated, but also that the causes can be neutralised.
Ultimately, we pursue only one goal with our coaching services: We want to make you and your company successful!

Your benefits

+ Easier onboarding process for employees and supervisors
+ Increased efficiency for superiors and employees
+ Coping with crises of your employees
+ Reduction of the fluctuation rate
+ Cost reduction

Team development

Has no team spirit established in your company or are there always conflicts?

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Team development
Your team potential is more than the sum of your employees' skills

Good teamwork overrides the laws of mathematics: Here, 1 plus 1 can also be 3. Sustainable team development is not achieved with games or excursions, but requires hard work. We support you in leading your employees to real teamwork and thus systematically developing team potential. Cooperation becomes collaboration. Learning efficient conflict resolution strategies is of crucial importance. We tailor the content of the training and coaching programmes to your challenges and objectives.

Your benefits

+ Increase efficiency and productivity of your employees and teams
+ Reduction of the conflict potential and the fluctuation rate
+ Cost savings

Succession planning

Have you not yet found a successor for your area of responsibility or your company?

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Succession planning
Solid basis for the long-term future of your company

A proactive succession plan is crucial for the long-term success of your company. This allows know-how to be built up in the company at an early stage to ensure a smooth transition.
In addition, succession is an important aspect of talent management and enables you to retain exceptional talent within the company. Especially for owners of small and medium-sized companies, early regulation of succession is sometimes vital for survival.

Your benefits

+ Planned and long-term development of suitable successor(s)
+ Motivation for high potentials and the entire organisation
+ Know-how remains in the company and the fluctuation rate decreases
+ Increased productivity with simultaneous cost savings

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