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Job search

Your next step on the career ladder

You are not 100% satisfied in your job? Is it time to take the next step on the career ladder and fully develop your potential? You can’t find the right job or can’t assert yourself against your competitors despite your qualifications? The war for talents offers a wealth of job offers, but you are challenged to filter the ones that really fit and are worthwhile and then position yourself at the top of the list of applicants.


Without external support with outstanding know-how in application and industry issues, you can quickly lose track of the situation. We offer you professional support in your job search so that you can realise your career aspirations promptly and do not end up in a position or company that does not fit you and your career plan by 100%.

What challenges do you face in your professional development?

As individual as your situation and your challenge is, as individual we offer you our support.

Job search

Can't find a suitable position?

Executive Search
Job search
We will find your dream job

You know what your dream job looks like, where you can make the most of your potential, but you can't find a suitable position on the job market? Dorigo AG can solve these challenges for you. Due to our many years of business experience and our broad network, we have access to decision-makers at first-class companies.
Through integration into a highly efficient recruiting process, you quickly receive suitable suggestions for implementing the jointly defined development strategy.

Your benefits

+ With our industry experience and a broad network, we offer you access to interesting positions at first-class companies.
+ Our experts have many years of experience in the correct use of social media platforms.
+ You save a lot of time and possibly money if we take over the search for you.
+ You benefit from our many years of experience in executive search and recruiting.
+ Our proven processes and tools are at your disposal to screen the market as efficiently and promptly as possible.

Interview and assessment training

Are you unable to call up your skills in job interviews?

Executive Search
Interview and assessment training
How to convince in the mass of applicants authentically.

The interview is a decisive factor in the recruitment process. Our consultants will support you so that you can present yourself optimally for the position, highlight your skills and strengths and at the same time appear authentic. With good preparation, you will be able to cope with stage fright and difficult questions and reach your full potential. We would also be happy to prepare you for an assessment and thus offer you the chance to achieve optimal results.

Your benefits

+ You present yourself in an optimal way at your job interview and thus maximise your chances.
+ You influence the course of the interview with specific questions.
+ You are optimally prepared for possible questions.
+ You are mentally in top form and appear self-confident and authentic.

Outplacement support

The termination from your current employer puts you under additional time pressure?

Outplacement Support
Outplacement support
The plus for your new orientation

As part of our outplacement support services, we help you to develop a long-term perspective and career strategy for your reorientation. In doing so, we can rely on our good knowledge of the market and a broad network of contacts. We work with a resource-oriented approach and make you fit for your application process.
Through integration into a highly efficient recruiting process, you quickly receive suitable suggestions for implementing the jointly defined development strategy.
We offer you individual needs and opportunities analysis including intensive process support. This gives you a quick overview of your opportunities and options and enables you to start looking for a job more quickly and in a more targeted manner. Of course we will also support you in your job search and application process if you wish.

Your benefits

+ By appreciating your previous career, you realise what you have already achieved.
+ You get to know your skills and potential better.
+ You recognise positions where you can make ideal use of your skills and potential.
+ You increase your chances of asserting yourself against your competitors.
+ You benefit from the experience of a successful personnel service provider.

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