Accompanying change processes

Change management

Transformation processes

Growth means change

Changes are part of everyday business life. If a company wants to maintain or improve its competitive position, sustainable change management is required. Globalisation and the digital transformation demand a high degree of agility from modern companies, which now have to adapt to changing conditions and new requirements at very short intervals.


Your transformation or change processes stand or fall with the emotional involvement of your employees. Without their motivation to live and drive change, new processes or a new culture will remain grey theory. Unfortunately, even today many change processes still fail because of the human factor.

What challenges are you facing in your growth process?

On request, we can provide you with comprehensive support for your transformation processes. Our modular service concept allows you to request support for exactly those areas where you need it. You can thus bundle your own HR capacities at the desired locations.

Organisational development

Is the functionality and stability of your company impaired in the change process?

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Organisational development
Putting people at the focus during change

Systemic organisational development takes a holistic view of changes in organisations. Structure, culture and strategy should be in harmony for successful companies. During change processes, imbalances can occur, which should be balanced, always also by involving the employees.
Organisational development consulting supports managers and employees in these sometimes difficult, uncertain and complex times of change. It supports the implementation of the strategy, the definition of visions and communication. It offers leadership coaching in change processes, team development in changing team constellations and accompanies cultural change.
And when emotions run high, time runs out and resources dwindle, even as crisis management.

Your benefits

+ Professional support in times of change
+ Successful implementation of the strategy/vision through openness and trust
+ Successful implementation of the upcoming change through employee commitment and acceptance
+ Improved communication
+ Sparring partner for difficult situations and decisions


Do you want to part with employees in a respectful and responsible manner and not jeopardise your image?

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Respectful and conflict-free termination

Is the termination of the employment relationship with one or more employees necessary in your company? If you wish, we can advise you on the planning of the necessary termination and accompany the meeting. Alternatively, we contact the employee very soon after the termination meeting and schedule the next steps.
As part of our outplacement services, we support your terminated top managers, specialists and executives as well as entire groups in mobilising resources and developing a long-term perspective and career strategy for reorientation. In doing so, we can rely on our good knowledge of the market and a broad network of contacts. Through integration into a highly efficient recruiting process, candidates quickly receive suitable suggestions for implementing the jointly defined development strategy.
We focus on individualised, coaching support, not only to assist the job search of the terminated employee, but to use the change as a development opportunity. Our outplacements are aimed at development, personal responsibility and sustainability.

Your benefits

+ Respectful and conflict-free termination
+ Prevention of a loss of image
+ Sound evaluation of development opportunities
+ Efficient job search on the basis of tried and tested recruiting processes

Outtasking & outsourcing

Is more and more demanded of your HR department without being provided with the necessary human resources?

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Outtasking & outsourcing
External resources create internal capacities

Personnel management and personnel development are time-intensive tasks and require specialist know-how. Does your small or medium-sized company lack the critical size for its own HR department? Does your large corporation often reach its limits with the workload in the HR department?
Outsourced and checked off! We support you with outsourcing and outtasking services tailored to your company, whether temporarily to bridge bottlenecks or long-term to acquire or develop additional capacity and know-how. What can, should or would you like to outsource? Our services range from recruitment, personnel development and crisis management to outplacement. We are at your disposal with real experts in both strategic and operational areas.

Your benefits

+ Increase the agility and flexibility of your HR department
+ Improving the satisfaction and health of your employees
+ You can focus on your core competencies.
+ You can avoid crises.
+ Increased efficiency with simultaneous cost optimisation

Vitality coaching

Is the performance of some employees insufficient due to stress-related health problems?

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Vitality coaching
Promoting and maintaining performance

The demands and the pace of today's working world are constantly increasing. Against this background, it is crucial that the health, vitality and physical and mental performance of your employees can be promoted and maintained.
Can you afford long downtimes due to illness, such as burnout? Wouldn't you rather increase the productivity of your employees and at the same time position yourself as an attractive employer? With the right measures, you can also reduce the fluctuation rate in your company.
We offer key note presentations and seminars as well as individual coaching. In order to support you in maintaining the performance of your employees, we call on experts in the areas of work-life balance, fit at work, burnout prevention and stress management, nutrition as well as exercise and sport.

Your benefits

+ Maintaining and improving the performance of your employees
+ Improving the satisfaction and health of your employees
+ Reduction of downtimes and fluctuation rates
+ Optimisation of the image of your company
+ Efficiency increase with simultaneous cost optimisation

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