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Permanent and rapid integration into the job market

Do you know the special requirements for a lasting and timely integration of unemployed job seekers into the job market? – We too!

Successful and sustainable integration often requires more than simply finding a job. As proven recruiting and HR experts, we support you with our know-how and our large network not only in job searching. We pick up your protégés exactly where they are and accompany them until their successful integration precisely according to their individual needs.

In 3 steps to sustainably more satisfaction and success in the job for your clients

The starting point for successful support is always the individual situation. Accordingly, modular and individual measures must be selected and implemented. In 3 practice-proven steps we accompany your clients comprehensively throughout the entire process or support them in individual steps – depending on their individual needs.

Position determination & potential analysis

Do you know the true potential of your clients?

Standortbestimmung und Potential
Position determination & potential analysis
Picking up individuals where they are today

Employees need to use their skills in a job and a position that suits them, in the industry of their choice, in order to fulfil their potential! Are you not aware of the abilities and talents that slumber in your clients? We help you to analyse the situation and determine a suitable development path.

During the assessment, we identify behavioural preferences as well as inner motives and values and, with the help of well-founded analysis procedures, discussions and work documents, jointly define an individual development path that is geared to the individual situation. In the first step, we analyse the current situation. Individual work between sessions deepens knowledge, insights and understanding of problems and stimulates self-reflection.

In the potential analysis we help your clients on an objective basis to consciously recognise their strengths and potential and to use them in a goal-oriented way. We work with validated methods and instruments in order to substantiate a personality, motivation, potential and skills assessment.

Your benefits

+ You and your clients recognise hidden abilities and potentials and receive clarity.
+ You can exploit the full potential and thus achieve the fastest possible integration.
+ We support you in the implementation and find the right job for your clients.

carrer planning & job search

You would like to integrate your client successfully in the long term?

Karriereplanung & Stellensuche
Career planning & job search
Knowing the right way

You want your clients to take the ideal professional direction for them and find their place in the professional world permanently? We offer career counselling based on qualifications and skills. With our many years of business experience and our large network, we also support your clients and you in finding and winning the right position.

Career planning

+ Career assessment
+ Clarification of goals, wishes, direction
+ Identifying career fields & options
+ Comparison of competences & skills

Search strategies

+ Definition of procedure plan
+ Definition target industry
+ Definition of target company
+ Definition target position

Market screening

+ Screening Dorigo network
+ Screening of online media regarding advertised positions
+ Development or definition of positions/companies incl. direct approach by us

Application strategies

+ Application procedure
+ Value proposition

Application dossier % Interview training

The goal for your client has been set and only needs to be achieved?

Bewerbungsdossier & Interviewtraining
Application dossier & interview training
Achieving goals, securing the future

Your clients can't utilise their performance potential in a job interview? The application documents and social media profiles do not stand up to modern requirements? The application dossier and the interview are decisive factors in the recruitment process. We support you in presenting your clients in the best possible way with an authentic appearance for the job.

We review and revise the dossier as well as the social media profiles, if necessary, to lay a foundation for a successful application process. With good interview preparation, your clients will be able to deal with stage fright and difficult questions and reach their full potential.

Your benefits

+ Support and training during the induction phase: job coaching at the beginning
+ Support and development regarding assertiveness, communication and appearance, social skills, etc.
+ Support to maintain performance and manage stress: vitality coaching

Support during the probation period

Do you want your clients to prove themselves during the probationary period and not be left alone?

Support during the probation periode
Consolidate successes, ensure sustainability

The probationary period is of great importance in the integration process. This is where it becomes clear whether the culture of the company and the specific area of responsibility suit the client and thus also whether long-term integration in the labor market will be successful.
The objective of this fourth phase is therefore not only to pass the probationary period, but also to consolidate a positive attitude and job satisfaction. We attach great importance to the sustainable integration of our clients into the labor market.

Your benefits

+ Regular reflection: What is going well? What can be optimized?
+ Strengthening your own personality by learning methods to increase frustration tolerance.
+ We keep our finger on the pulse of what is going on and hold status discussions with your client's superiors.


Do your clients need special support due to their individual circumstances?

Stabilization, build foundation

Life coaching can be designed as individually as the needs of your clients require.

The objective of an accompanying life coaching is always the stabilization of the personality, the optimization of the self-perception and the increase of the own motivation. Depending on personality and individual life situation, different ways, methods and instruments can be helpful: Crisis management, a change in behavior or, for example, increasing one's own resilience.

Your benefits

+ Stress reduction for your clients (e.g. when looking for a new home, moving, dealing with authorities, administrative tasks)
+ Resilience training to avoid burnout
+ Improve self-perception and self-esteem
+ Increasing social and communication skills
+ Dealing with family and / or relationship problems
+ Dissolving beliefs and building healthy behavior patterns
+ and much more

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